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She was not invited to the celebrate, so she said. 爱。 HL888玩英语-怎样毁掉一个童话?

I know I am yes and then 18 years later. I mean the king and queen was still worried that the power of the last of courage was not powerful enough so they still found or collected all the standards and burn them. By the time the princess was a teen on her birthday.She wondered around in the castle and found at our that she has never been to the four. She open the door pushed open the door and saw a little old lady spending a machine that looks quite funny OK. And she said, what is this your doing? Oh, I\\\’m speaking. Every places in the world and one day the girl said, our hair s were too long before, but now we need to stop it. So then she took out a sister and cut down the hear the boy is here and south, 呵呵,好吧,what a boring story.但是至少说明每一个story都是人编出来的对吗?既然有你编出来的经典故事,我们也可以胡编乱造。