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Good evening everybody and welcome to this week episode my life episode. Now last week I promise you that I would give you an episode on English.Culture pop ticket and pop rules, however I have changed the plan don\\\’t worry. Next week I will definitely talk about pop culture in England. But tonight, i\\\’ve got something different. Something a little bit special for you. And he is your. Blue OK I will start with a very old and very traditional English poem from about 200 years ago, sky stick him up on high hang him on the lamp post and then let him die die. Take me in the eye, put it on the fire and then.I let him die. Then his body from his head, then use a guy fox is dead, hip, hip, hooray. So tonight is of course November the 5th. All as we say, of November. Remember remember the 5th of November. Gun powder reason and plot.Sorry. The 5th of November is bon fire night in England. Only in England, not in America and not in any other european western countries. So this is a very traditional and pure English festival or traditional evening celebrate. So. One fine night sometimes called guy fox night, so 400 years ago or just a 400 years ago in 1605, a man called guy fox and group of PLA, attempted to blow up the English parliament in London. And they did this using.The rules of gun powder or they attempted to do this using both of gun powder, placed in the bass man of the houses of parliament. And they did this, because they wanted to kill king James and all of the kings leaders and all the members of parliament r.Why did I fox want to kill king James and all of his leaders and members of parliament? A very quick history lesson. Before James the first queen Elizabeth the first set on the 3rd of England, and she made lots and lots of laws against catholic and she killed lots of catholic and she made life very very difficult for anyone. It was a. Athlete. Now I fox and his friends were catholic and they thought that when James the first came to the throne, he would start treating catholic fairy and he they believe the king James would give catholic the same rights in society as practice to across king James didn\\\’t do this he can.Need to person, catholic and treat them very unfair. So we got this kind of man quite powerful and quiet, important. People got in port of members of the catholic church. And they wanted to remove the king remove the government and replace the king with a catholic king Andre.Place the government with a catholic government. The plot is simple. The plan was simple. The next time pop the next time parliament was opened by king James the first they will blow up everyone in parliament with many, many many the historical documents say they bought somewhere between. 30 and 50 bottles of gun powder. And they bought a House next door to the parliament building the House had an underground cellar which went under the parliament building and they put all of their balls of gun powder, under neath the houses of parliament and waited to blow up all of parliament and the king. Now.Story goes like this.Time it opens. Stay clear stay far away from the houses of parliament. And of course this member of parliament became suspicion, so he told others and of course everyone becomes suspicion. So the king ordered a Complete search of parliament and surrounding area and of course they got call. OK let\\\’s speed up the history lesson. So guy fox was given the job to keep watch over the balance of gun powder and he was the one who was supposed to light the fields to light the fire but on the morning of the 5th of November, soldiers discovered guy fox hidden in the seller and they a rest at him.Guy fox was taken to the tower of London, and he was torture and questions about the other places and of course, on the torture, he told them everything he told the kings men who all of the other places were. And of course the king round up all of guy fox is gang yes and.They were excited in quite a nasty, terrible fashion. Now the king was obviously very happy about his survival and the survival of parliament so on that day, the 5th of November. In 69 five, king James ordered that the people of England should all life. Enormous fires to celebrate the survival of the king and parliament. And to this day, every year, the 5th of November the people of England lite Big Bang fires and they celebrate in the one fine night or die for tonight. And these.On fires that would usually be in your local neighborhood, may be in a park or open public space there will be an enormous public bon fire. But lots of families had their own bon fires in the Garden and I remember is a child. Most years we would have our own fire in our.In Garden. And of course we would buy lots and lots of fire works and set off fire works all night long. So for me, 5th of November has many many many great childhood memory is, but may be one of the most interesting parts of this festival was not the bon fire and not the fire. Was something else. One week before, bon fire night. We would make our own a fox. Now to do this, I remember as a child what we will do you ask your father for some old clothes that he no longer want to work, so you take your father\\\’s clothes and you.After me feel them with old newspaper, and you find the hat, and you either make a guy fox mask, or you can go to the shop by easily and they were very very easy to buy the guy fox mask. And for one week before guy fox night we would take our guide for.To some busy streets may be near a shopping center or shopping mall. And we would sit our guy fox on the street and ask passes by shop as to give us money and they would the the traditional request was can I have a pen e? For the guy APEC. He is the guy. But of course, most people gave more than one penny. And of course, because we were children. What did we spend the money on? So of course, on the evening of the 5th of November, everybody is excited about the bon fire, every body is excited about the fire works. But the most.What we eat on bon fire night. Potato cooked in the bon fire Bob I saw sometimes even sources cooked in the bon fire. And if we were lucky and mothers, or grandmother\\\’s wood cook little dog on fire cupcake. Now, he is the interesting part of my story. Because when I was a kid, bon fire night was probably one of the most exciting nights of the year. Second only to Christmas eve. Of course every kid is super excited about Christmas eve because the following morning you get all your Christmas presents but I\\\’m fine night. Guy fox night.The second most exciting evening of the year for every kid in the neighborhood. Every kid in the country. And interesting when I was a kid. We didn\\\’t really celebrate Halloween. Halloween was it was a small, maybe fun activity that some people.It笨,the the game of trick or treat on Halloween we never did that as kids. It was known to us. It was a very American thing. And now a days bon fire and fire works on the 5th of November becoming less popular. And Halloween is becoming more. Popular in England say, its kind of shame is kind of a pity its a bit of a sad story that this wonderful English tradition that I remember so warm. As part of my childhood, it is kind of disappearance, and it\\\’s being replaced by this very very popular commercial.American festival. Maybe some of you have similar feelings about some of your traditional Chinese festival, special celebrate that. In your childhood you remember is being really special evening where you did really special things with family and friends but maybe nowadays. On the same level, not on the same scale as it was when I was a child. So the reason why I chose to give you this one the evening is because of course, it is the 5th of November today. So now you understand and you know a little bit more about guy fox. And as I said at the beginning of this episode, remember this is a pure.English tradition. So if you have American friends or American teachers, don\\\’t ask your American friends about bon fire night or guy fox night because they won\\\’t know anything about it. So that the end of my exo j its been quite educational, you\\\’ve had a little bit of history and i\\\’ve talked a little bit about my childhood memories.You can keep checking in here for a better if you want I am going to say good night and remember remember the 5th of November one Pound the trees and plants.